Local Restaurants

Jávea has an extensive culinary range on offer. Local restaurants provide a wide array of savoury Mediterranean cooking and menus often combine dishes that revive traditional cooking while applying new trends. Don’t forget the famous tapas, many of which are based on seafood (salazonas are very popular here), although the area is also well known for its inland sausages.

There are also 4 very good restaurants located close to Finca Montgó... one is a just a few minutes walk, the others, a 5 minute drive...

Le Gourmand is less than a 5 minute walk from Finca Montgo and is an extremely popular choice for our guests and us! For lunch, Benjamin offers a fantastic 3 course menu del día for 17,50€ including wine and his evening monthly menu at 25,00€ comes highly recommended. Great ambience, good service and excellent food... and no need to drive!

El Gaucho is one of our firm favourites, a view shared also by many of our friends!  A busy restaurant always has good ambiance and El Gaucho is no exception.  It has a relaxed atmosphere, extremely friendly and attentive staff combined with a tempting menu and fantastic food and wine. For lunch, El Gaucho offers a superb 3-course menu del día ranging from 15,00 to 20,00€ including 1/2 litre of wine.

Restaurante Montgó affords fantastic views of the mountain and has plenty of dining both in and outside. The staff are extremely friendly and attentive and their menu del día at 11,90€ including wine cannot be beaten!  They cook fantastic paellas and if ordered in advance, they also offer a paella 'take away' service!

Restaurante Los Almendros del Montgó has a great and varied menu and offers a menu del día for lunch and dinner for €14 including some very decent wine! In addition, you are always offered daily 'specials' and the decor and ambience far exceeds what one would expect for a 'value' restaurant.

We would be very happy to recommend and reserve a table at other local restaurants prior to your arrival.


The town has a rich culinary tradition which has been entirely preserved and which canbe sampled in the form of "Tapas" in most bars of the town. Since it is a coastal town, fish and shellfish dishes prevail.


Try the delicious fish stews "cruet de peix" and "suc roig", or fried dishes such as "peix fregit". Also typical are fresh salted anchovies, tuna and the tasty "borreta de melva" as well as Jávea´s delicacy "bogamarins" (sea urchins).


Rice is a main ingredient in many dishes, such as "arròs al forn" (oven-baked rice), "arròs amb costra"(covered with an omelette crust), "arròs amb fesols inaps" (rice with beans and turnips),"arròs a la marinera" (literally, fixherman´s rice), or "arròs a banda" (rice with fish stock), "arròs amb bledes" (rice with Swiss chard) and, of course, the traditional Paella.


Also typical of Jávea are "cocas", small pizza-like pastries with pepper and tomato, or oil and anchovies, and "empanadillas", pasties filled with vegetables such as peas or spinach, or with pepper, tomato, tuna and boiled egg, "putxero", a hearty stew with local vegetables and meat balls, snails, salted fish and sausages.


Two basic elements of any dish are garlic and olive oil, essential ingredients in a healthy Mediterranean diet. Together they form "All i oli", garlic mayonnaise which brings its intense flavour to a host of dishes.