Jávea's Weather and Climate

Javea's Climate

The World Health Organization has recognised Jávea for having one of the best climates in the world. Summers are neither too hot nor too cold and the same could be said for the remainder of the seasons. Not only is the climate usually sunny and mild, the low humidity ensures that even the hottest days are very pleasant for beachcombers and sightseers. People suffering from asthma and allergies will also find some relief in this healthy, near-perfect climate.


Jávea Weather - Hot dry summers, perfect for the beach
Spring sees warm temperatures and dry days in Jávea, with April and May enjoying highs of between 20C - 23C and an average of 8 - 9 hours of sun each day. These days see visitors doing plenty of sightseeing, biking, horse riding and playing golf, with the weather remaining dry with 30mm of rain.
June sees highs of 26C, with the peak season months of July and August reaching 29C - 30C, and the sun shining for 11 hours each day. The beaches are busy during this time and, with the sea reaching a very pleasant 24C - 26C, water sports and boat trips are popular. Night time temperatures in Jávea hover around 20C, and rainfall is virtually non-existent, with between 9mm - 20mm falling during this time. Humidity levels are the highest in the summer, but still remain moderate, with the temperatures cooled by the coastal breezes.  
Weather in Jávea - Cooler spring and autumn months, mild winters
September sees slightly cooler weather, with the temperature remaining around 28C, dropping even more in October, with highs of 23C and around 7 hours of sunshine, however the rainfall increases during this time, with the resort receiving 80mm during the month. November still experiences warm weather, with temperatures around 19C, and the coolest months of December to February hover around 16C, but see 6 hours of sun.